Instructions and Rules for Using the Equipment

Jumping Castles on Grass:

If the castle is not used on grass. first place a cover, tarpaulin, shade cloth or blankets
under the inflatable.

To inflate:

  1. Position the jumping castle on a flat even surface that is free of foreign objects, doggy pooh or sharp objects.
  2. Attach the motor to one of the inlet ports. the unused inlet port must be tied up with the attached elastic “bungy” cord and placed under the jumping castle before the power is turned on.
  3. Tie the elastic “bungy” cord securely around the motors blower outlet.
  4. Plug in the extension cord. ensure power points are in the “off” position.
  5. Plug extension cord into the wall socket and switch power “on”.
  6. The motor should always be in the upright position while in use.
  7. The unit will inflate in a few minutes.
  8. The motor must be left on throughout the use of the castle

Packing away:

  1. Turn power off at the power point. Disconnect extension cables.
  2. Untie the elastic “bungy” cord from the motor and undo the other “bungy” cord.
  3. It is an idea to get the children to roll over the castle to get rid of all the trapped air.
  4. Leave the castle for approximately ½ an hour to release the remaining air.
  5. Fold the castle in half length-wise.
  6. Leave the 2 outflow pipes out
  7. Fold in half length–wise again
  8. Roll tightly towards the outflow pipes
  9. Position the castle on the bag supplied, fold over corresponding flaps and thread cover bag rope.

Note on the blower:

The blower must never be left outside overnight and it must never be left or operated in the rain.